Medea Records B. Kuchler

Dyngelandsv. 96
N-5226 Nesttun Bergen
Org. Nr: 888027092

Medea Records B.Kuchler is an indie record label based in Bergen (N) owned and run by the artist B. Keyler herself.

B. Keyler released her third album/CD "ECHOES" 24.10.2017

The company was formed in 2005 and has the goal to produce and release music from the hearth.
Medea Records B. Kuchler cooperate with many different technicians, artists and studioes in many countries and expanded the label with a new artist in 2015;
The Hip Hop artist SiD`n from Bergen, Norway.
SiD`n debute singel "Meg & Mine" released december 2015.
Here`s the singel "Meg & Mine" by SiD`n on Spotify

B. Keyler Cd/album "Come on home" was the first release from Medea Records B. Kuchler 30 March 2006
and it received great reviews in the UK and in Scandinavia:


CD/Album (11 songs) B.Keyler Come on home (30.03.2006)

CD/EP (4 songs) B.Keyler Seven Stars (24.06.2008)

CD/Album (9 songs) B.Keyler Organic (09.01.2009)

CD/EP (4 songs) B.Keyler Ocean (25.01.2012)

Singel Digital release B. Keyler Take the ride (01.12.2015)

Singel Digital release B. Keyler Shot (31.05.2016)

CD/Album (8 songs) B. Keyler Echoes (24.10.2017)

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